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The Kennel Pals Wiki is for fans and collectors of the famous Kennel Pals from Build-a-Bear Workshop! Click on any page below to get started! This wiki is for all of the four-legged furry friends at Build-a-Bear Workshop! 

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Bearemy's Kennel Pals

First Generation Shaggy Dog  - Black Labrador  - Golden Retriever - Westie -  Beagle - Border Collie - Yellow Labrador - Husky - Boxer - Maltipoo

Second Generation Black Lab - Jack Russell Terrier - Portuguese Water Dog - Yorkshire Terrier - Border Collie - Dachshund - German Shepherd - Chocolate Labrador - Pug

International Pug - Dachshund - Labradoodle - Scottie Dog - Chihuahua - Shiba Inu - Precious Pooch Poodle

Kennel Dogs

Waggly Pup - Bulldog - Golden Pup - Happy Husky - Darling Doggy (Blue) - Darling Doggy (Purple) - Darling Doggy (Pink) - Velvet Puppy - Velvet Puppy - Jonas Dog - Downtown Disney Dog - ABC Bakers Girl Scouts Border Collie - Pink Puppy - Black & White Puppy

Sports Dogs

Dug Out Dog - Play By Play Pup

Holiday Dogs

Hearts Fur You Puppy - Giant Hearts Fur You Puppy - Be Mine Dalmatian - Hugs-A-Plenty Pup - Merry Mint Pup

"Kennel Kats"

Calico Cat - Siamese Cat - Calico Cat - Cream Puff Kitty

Holiday Cats

Pumpkin Fun Kitty - Kooky Spooky Kitty

WWF World Wildlife Fund

WWF Bengal Tiger - WWF Leopard - WWF Lion - WWF Polar Bear - WWF Snow Leopard - WWF Cheetah - WWF Wolf - WWF Fennec Fox - WWF Amur Leopard


Holiday Reindeer


Unicorn - Glittery Pony - Brown Pony - Clydesdale - Shooting Stars Unicorn - Pawsome Pony - Enchanted Pony - Horse


Grizzly Bear - Polar Bear - Black Bear - Hippopotamus - Cheetah - Bactrian Camel - Coyote - Vache Noir (Black Cow) - Jaguar - Longhorn - Buffalo - Polar Bear - Year of the Ox - Polar Bear - Giraffe - Saber Toothed Tiger - Mammoth - Tasmanian Wolf - Leopard - Swirly Lamb - Arctic Polar Bear - Puma - Red Fox - White Tiger - Polar Bear


First Generation Mini Black Labrador - Mini Golden Retriever - Mini Westie - Mini Beagle - Mini Border Collie - Mini Yellow Labrador - Mini Husky - Mini Boxer - Mini Maltipoo

Second Generation Mini Black Lab - Mini Jack Russell Terrier - Mini Portuguese Water Dog - Mini Yorkshire Terrier - Mini Border Collie - Mini Dachshund - Mini German Shepherd - Mini Chocolate Lab - Mini Pug

Other Mini Kooky Spooky Kitty - Mini Pumpkin Fun Kitty - Mini Hearts Fur You Puppy

Commercial Spike


Golden Retriever - Calico Cat


Rebecca Bonbon - Rainbow Dash - Pinkie Pie - Twilight Sparkle - Fluttershy

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